Paleo Paks was started off of a very simple idea, from two regular guys.

We wanted to be able to have something healthy to eat before and after workouts, and also something that was easy to take and eat on the go. So naturally we decided to start making our own beef jerky and buying the freshest most organic nuts, fruits and seeds to combine into a single, fresh sealed pack. However, it wasn’t long before others wanted in on the delicious, yet paleo minded snacks. So we began to make more….a lot more. And now we are sharing our healthy Paleo Paks with everybody, and trying to continue to spread the word and influence better eating and an overall healthier lifestyle for people.

About these two simple people…

Kyle and Tyler have been friends for over ten years. They met in high school where they were both heavily involved in athletics. Kyle, playing soccer and wrestling and Tyler playing football, soccer, wrestling and track. It was a friendship meant to be as they both had a passion for athletics and for fun.

Since their high school days, Kyle pursued his passion of firefighting and got hired as a Firefighter for the Kirkland Fire Department in February of 2006. It perfectly combines his passion for being active but also for helping people. In his time off, Kyle trains at his gym he opened in January of 2010, Cascade CrossFit, located in the Snoqualmie Valley. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences, where he can truly change people’s lives by helping them to get healthy and to stay healthy. Since starting CrossFit, new perspectives on healthy eating arose. He found that when he ate clean and ate real food, he felt so much better and got much more out of his workouts. Finding the perfect, healthy, quick snack became the only hard thing in trying to eat clean.

After high school, Tyler also pursued his passion for firefighting and spent the next 6 years as a wildland firefighter while he pursued his degree in graphic design at Eastern Washington University. Now, also living in the Snoqualmie Valley with his wife and son, he is a volunteer firefighter and runs his own photography business. Being introduced to CrossFit through Kyle, he quickly developed the same passion for CrossFit and healthier eating once seeing such amazing positive effects in such a short time period.

Together, they started brainstorming on how to create a quicker, healthier option for food, that provided enough macronutrients for a healthy snack and post-workout supplement. Thus, Paleo Paks was created.